You can then choose a local account for normal use of the PC. You won’t find any Mac users who don’t sign in to an Apple account, not to mention any Chromebook or Android users who don’t sign in to a Google account. But some Windows users are vehement about not wanting to sign into an account on their PC. If you are one of these people, there’s your reason not to upgrade to Windows 11. The Pro version doesn’t have this requirement, though it seems that loophole is going away in the future, based on preview releases. The new Windows 11 Start menu doesn’t show recently installed apps or frequently used apps.

At the same time, S Mode makes it almost impossible for your PC to become infected with malware since you can only install apps through the official Microsoft Store. Microsoft is letting Windows 10 Home users disable the S Mode free of charge. However, Windows 10 Pro customers with S Mode link to download enabled on their device will have to pay $49 to get access to the full version of Windows 10 Pro. Based on customer feedback we are simplifying the experience for our customers. Your Microsoft Surface Go or other computer/Tablet may be setup with Windows 10 in S mode, which is designed for exclusively running apps from the Microsoft Store.

What If You Don’t Like Windows 10 S Mode

How well Auto-HDR works depends somewhat on each individual title, but it’s certainly breathed new life into older Xbox games viewed on modern HDR TVs. Auto-HDR on Windows 11 does exactly the same thing but can be applied to all your PC titles. However, it only works with games that use DirectX 11 or DirectX 12. So the many classic DirectX 9 PC games won’t benefit. To know some details, refer to this post – Basic Windows 11 System Requirements for PCs & Laptops. Another cheap laptop that will surely sate people who prefer bigger laptop screens.

  • Eventually, we’ll also see Android apps in the Microsoft Store, but it’s unclear when that’s happening.
  • Most of the top-level user interfaces have been updated with a fresh look with new animations, iconography, and sounds.
  • I never really cared for Live Tiles, so I like that Microsoft pared down Start into something more bare bones and static.

Microsoft is hoping that integrating WinUI will eventually win back disgruntled users and lead to faster development of the interface in the coming years. Microsoft has now started emailing the Windows 11 Insiders who are currently on the Release, Beta and Dev Channel issuing them a word of reminder that the Start menu is built around feedback from users. It seems unlikely that the updated status of Windows 11 will result in a surge of devices running the platform.

Method 1

So you have 2 options and either one of them are good. Sorry to hear that you might of been mislead by Best Buy. Maybe those Salesmen are not aware of Windows S Mode that you cannot install Webroot. By continuing to use the site and/or by logging into your account, you agree to the Site’s updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Programs and features

In Windows 10, Microsoft tried to address this issue and other criticisms of Windows 8, such as a lack of enterprise-friendly features. To get the most out of these new features, Microsoft has added a new dashboard view to Windows Defender ATP, which will highlight issues and provide access to machines where security options are misconfigured. The dashboard will also sort the most non-compliant machines in the organisation into a list, and provide recommendations as to how best to fix the problems.